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Offshore Credit Card Processing

We Offer Offshore Credit Card Processing To Select Accounts

Basic Requirements:

1) Minimum of $15,000/month in sales

2) 10% Rolling Reserve

We Accept Technical Support Under The Following Conditions:

1) First wire is sent 45 days after first payment is processed and then sent weekly.

2) 3 Months Processing History Required (Aggregate Accounts OK)

Documentation Requirements:

□ Completed & Signed Merchant Application

□ Two (2) different forms of Photo Identification. Color copy of current Passport, driver’s license, Government Issued Identification, of owner(s) /signatory(ies)

□ Past 3 months Bank and Credit Card Processing Statements

□ Corporate documents: Copy of Articles of Incorporation (or equivalent). If DBA, please furnish DBA filing. If not available, a copy of your business license may be considered an acceptable substitute.

□ Proof of Legal Business Address - Most recent utility bill

□ Proof of Home Address - Most recent utility bill for all members/shareholders of the business 

□ Proof of URL Ownership

For Websites:

1. Clear description of goods and services listed on site

2. Clear pricing and currencies of each and every product and service

3. Terms and conditions clearly stated online.

4. Privacy policy on site

5. Contact details and location of business easily found on site

6. Customer service email and phone number listed on website

7. Times listed that customer service is available

8. Refund policy clearly stated

9. Shipping policy clearly stated on order page

10. Display Visa and MasterCard logo’s at checkout

11. SSL on all pages where customer information is collected

Rates and Details:

Percentage Charged on Volume 8.95%
One Time UK Corp Setup Fee: $450
Monthly Maintenance Fee $95
Transaction Fee $.50
Refund Fee $1.25
Wire Fee $45
Chargeback Fee $45
Reserve (rolling 6 month) *determined by underwriting 10%

*Holdback funds are released on the 15th of each month, unless this date falls on a weekend, and are only released if 1000 Units or more are due and are subject to a wire fee.


Wires are sent out every Wednesday to all Merchants due more than 1000 units of the processed and settled currency. Funds will post to the wired account within 1 to 4 business days (bank holidays and country specific holidays may delay funds).

Price display: the customer must be able to identify the final price of a product unmistakably.

****All fees will be charged in the equivalence of USD, with the exception of EUR and GBP.

****Should a chargeback be issued on the basis of fraud, an additional €15.00 per disputes will be charged.

Payout Period: 12 days in arrears based on amount to be determined

Processing Period: Saturday to Friday




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